618 7 Surprising Facts About Men’s Health

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Former President Bill Clinton established National Men’s Health Week in 1994 and it has been celebrated every year since. It serves as a way to encourage the men and boys in our lives to embrace healthy habits. This year, it’s honored the week of June 12 through 18.

Despite all the technological advances, many men continue to suffer from a long list of distinctive health issues such as shorter life spans, President Donald J. Trump said in a statement.

“Many men visit their healthcare providers less frequently than women,” he notes. “One in three American men suffers from a condition related to cardiovascular disease, and cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for men.”

I – Word Understanding

Cardiovascular disease – conditions that involve the blood vessels that can lead to heart attack or other heart conditions.

II – Have Your Say
Here are 7 surprising facts about men’s health. Share your opinion.
1. Men live about 5 fewer years than women
2. Men are more likely to die from heart disease
3. Men are more likely to be killed or injured by lightning
4. Men are less likely to go to the doctor
5. Men commit suicide more often than women
6. Men are more likely to use tobacco
7. Men are more likely to drink excessively

618 7 Surprising Facts About Men’s Health

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