627 Planetary protection officer wanted, generous salary

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Nasa is seeking a new “planetary protection officer” tasked with defending the earth from alien life.

More specifically, the job’s main concern is avoiding “biological contamination in human and robotic space exploration.”

That applies both ways – to spacecraft returning to Earth and to the risk of human contamination of other planets.

Along with its inspiring job title, the position comes with a hefty annual salary range of $124,406 – $187,000.

Applications have been open to US citizens since July, with a closing date of mid-August. But the job advert went largely unnoticed until now, when it caught the eye and imagination of US media outlets.

I – Word Understanding
Contamination – being made impure by polluting or poison
Hefty – impressively large amount

II – Have Your Say
1. Have you ever wondered if we are alone in the universe? What is your imagination of “alien life” outside the earth? What do you think will happen if aliens come to earth?
2. More than 500,000 space junks are tracked orbiting the earth, encompassing meteoroids and man-made objects that are no longer useful but still orbiting earth. Who should be held responsible for cleaning up these man-made space junks?
3. With the attractive salary offered for Planetary Protection Office, would you accept it if given the offer?

627 Planetary protection officer wanted, generous salary

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