637 This Japanese Tradition Could Help You Lead a More Meaningful Life

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Let’s be honest: Nothing is worse than waking up already dreading the day. For one, it be a sign that you’re in the wrong career. Or maybe you need to take a step back from life before you totally burn out. Whatever the case, memorize the Japanese tradition of ikigai; it could be your key to health, happiness, and so much more.

Yes, this philosophy really is as good as it sounds. There is no direct English translation, but it is believed that the term ikigai combines the Japanese words ikiru—meaning “to live”—and kai, which means “the realization of what one hopes for.” These two definitions together roughly translate to “a reason to live” or “the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning.” In other words, the idea of ikigai means having a purpose in life. This is the one secret you need to live a fulfilling life, according to science.

I – Word Understanding
Dreading – anticipating with fear or worry
Burn out – physical and emotional fatigue due to stress / frustration

II – Have Your Say
1. Are you familiar with IKIGAI? Please explain it in your own words.
2. How does one acquire ikigai? In a speedy interpretation of the philosophy, experts recommend asking yourself four questions:
– What do you love?
– What are you good at?
– What does the world need?
– What can you get paid for?

637 This Japanese Tradition Could Help You Lead a More Meaningful Life

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