644 13 Funny International Laws You’d Never Know Were Real

Speech Materals

You might want to remember these 13 surprising and strange laws next time you’re traveling to avoid embarrassment, fines, or worse!

Culture clashes can occur anytime you travel, but every once in a while they happen in some truly unexpected ways. From a harmless hug to lighting up a cigarette outdoors, these are the strange travel faux pas any globetrotter would do best to avoid.

I – Word Understanding
Faux pas (fō ˈpä) – an embarrassing act (mistake) in a social situation
Globetrotter – a person who travels widely

II – Have Your Say
1. Have you had any troubles in your travels? What are the things you are most careful about when you go on a trip?
2. Here are 13 international laws you might want keep in mind:
a. Vicks inhalers are forbidden in Japan
b. Don’t eat (and drink) on church steps and courtyards in Italy
c. Keep your tops on in Fiji – Public nudity and topless bathing are illegal
d. It’s illegal to feed pigeons on the streets of San Francisco.
e. Public observance of any religion other than Islam is prohibited in Maldives.
f. In Kazakhstan, photography in and around the airport is illegal.
g. Marijuana is outlawed in Jamaica.
h. In France, drivers are legally required to carry a portable Breathalyzer in their vehicle.
i. Public displays of affection—kissing, hugging, holding hands—should be avoided while traveling in the United Arab Emirates.
j. Smoking and chewing gums laws are more severe in Singapore.
k. Publicly dropping off pants (for fun or whatever) is a chargeable offense in Greece.
l. In Barcelona, it’s against the law to wear swimming attire on public streets.
m. According to Canada’s Currency Act, stores can legally refuse excessive amounts of coins.

644 13 Funny International Laws You’d Never Know Were Real

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