662 4 Health Benefits Of Cycling

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People who cycle to work have reported feeling happier than those who drive or use public transport

Riding a bicycle, whether indoors or outdoors, can provide an excellent and affordable workout for people of all ages.

Like most physical activities, it can also protect against obesity, heart disease, diabetes, low mood, etc. Here are four reasons to take up cycling on a regular basis.

1. Builds muscle and bone
2. Provides a brainpower boost
3. Workout for arthritis patients
4. Improves overall mental health

I – Word Understanding
Arthritis – a condition that causes joint pain

II – Have Your Say

1. Do you consider cycling a good form of exercise? How often do you ride your bicycle?
2. According to a 2012 study, regular cycling could improve memory and problem-solving skills in the elderly by 15 to 20 percent. How common is cycling for elderlies in your area? Do you think it is safe for them to do so?
3. Indoor cycling is considered a safe exercise for people who suffer arthritis and balance problems. Which would you prefer, indoor cycling? Or outdoor cycling?
4. According to a report, people who commute to work by bicycle are the happiest commuters compared to those who drive or take the public transit. Which commute would you be happiest if you have a choice?

662 4 Health Benefits Of Cycling

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