664 How repair can inspire creativity and help save the world

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We all know there’s far too much waste in the world.

Every year, we create 2 billion tons of waste, and 99% of the things we buy don’t make it past six months. Around 1 billion mobile phones and 300 million computers are put into production annually, and 60% of these devices end up in landfills. Global e-waste has risen by 8% in the past two years as incomes rise and prices fall, contributing to a disastrous toxic legacy.

Repair is just one small part of helping solve the crisis.

Most of us also realize that we need to change our behavior when it comes to our “stuff.” And repairing instead of replacing is part of that solution as well. It also inspires personal creativity and change.

I – Word Understanding
Landfills – a place where garbage is buried
E-waste – discarded electrical or electronic devices

II – Have Your Say
1. Japan is represented as an environmentally conscious country which makes use of legislation and technology to reduce the negative impacts on the environment caused by waste disposal. What makes Japan different from other countries in handling garbage and e-waste? What is the process done in Japan?
2. Are you a “repair” person? Why do you think people prefer to just buy new products rather that repair existing items?

664 How repair can inspire creativity and help save the world

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