666 How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Heart Attack Risk?

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Does the weather actually affect your risk of experiencing a heart attack? An association between the two has been observed by researchers as far back as the 1920s.

“Cold and windy weather leads to a contraction of blood vessels in the skin to conserve energy and temperature,” he explained. “That increases the workload of the heart, increasing the risk of a heart attack.”

But the findings also present another theory. This correlation between cold weather and heart attacks was not found in the northern parts of the country, which is the coldest region. So, rather than the extreme cold, it may be the extreme fluctuation in temperature that affects heart health.

I – Word Understanding
Contraction – shrinking or becoming small and tight
Correlation – connection between two or more things
Fluctuation – rise and fall (of temperature)

II – Have Your Say

1. What are the extra precautions you observe when winter comes to avoid winter health and safety problems such as:
a. Catching a virus
b. Weight gain
c. Depression
d. Snow
e. Fluctuation in temperature
f. Molds
2. A healthy heart is a happy heart……how do you keep your heart happy?

666 How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Heart Attack Risk?

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