673 Waking Up Stressed? 4 Possible Reasons For Morning Anxiety

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All of us have experienced anxiety and stress at some point but should we be paying more attention to the factor of timing? In a new study from Japan, researchers examined how evening stress may be different from morning stress.

The finding stated that the body only activates the sympathetic nervous system as a response to the former. Meanwhile, the levels of stress hormones are naturally high in the morning, thus playing an additional role with the latter.

While “morning anxiety” is not a medical term, many have reported feeling anxious and stressed after they wake up without any known trigger. According to experts, here are some of the possible causes.

1. Sleep
2. Environment
3. Smoking
4. Diet

I – Word Understanding
Sympathetic nervous system – is a part of the nervous system that becomes active when a person is stressed

II – Have Your Say
1. Does your work give you morning anxiety?What are the other things that give you morning anxiety? What do you do to avoid them?
2. To start your day with less anxiety, here are 8 ways to try:
a. Get more sleep
b. Start an enjoyable morning routine
c. Speaking of the snooze button—stop using it
d. Meditate
e. Use positive affirmations
f. Write whatever’s on your mind
g. Stretch or practice yoga
h. Get out and move

673 Waking Up Stressed? 4 Possible Reasons For Morning Anxiety

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