678 9 Unlucky Things to Never Keep in Your Home

Speech Materals

Feeling superstitious? According to feng shui and other cultural traditions, these are the home decor choices that could subject your abode to misfortune.

1. Rocking Chairs
2. Green Paint
3. Broken of stopped clocks
4. Cacti
5. An unmade bed
6. An open umbrella
7. Dead or dry plants
8. Taxidermy
9. An outdated calendar

I – Word Understanding
Abode – a house / home
Taxidermy – the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting skins of animals with lifelike effect

II – Have Your Say

1. Rocking chairs bring to mind elderly people sitting in the porch or a parent rocking a baby to sleep. But according to Irish legend, an empty rocking chair is an open invitation for evil spirits to take a seat. How popular is rocking chair in your country?
2. Throughout the 18th century, synthetic green dyes were made with a newly discovered LETHAL compound called cupric hydrogen arsenic. Do you like the color green?
3. Feng shui dictates that time-keeping tools should always be in working order, lest you risk becoming stuck in a rut and stop moving forward in your life. What do you do with our broken clocks?
4. The prickly surfaces of cacti, or other, similarly spiky plants like agave, can bring tension into your home and relationships.
5. A superstition warns that not making your bed—or even being interrupted while making it—can doom you to a sleepless night.
6. In ancient times, bringing any item meant to protect you from the weather into your home was disrespectful to the guardian spirits keeping watch over your dwelling. Do you believe in guardian spirits?
7. Having dead things in your home is said to bring in dead energy. How do you fill you home with positive energy?
8. A lifeless deer head greeting your guests???? What decor would you prefer?
9. Feng shui warns against using a time-keeping device incorrectly, claiming that it could bring misfortune, curtail prosperity, and even shorten your life.

678 9 Unlucky Things to Never Keep in Your Home

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