708 Food Trends That Are Coming In 2020

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Thanks to man’s ever curious mind and penchant for always trying new things, each year always comes with new food trends that we can either follow or ignore, depending on our lifestyle choices. This coming 2020 is no different.

Here are some food trends that are coming this 2020:

1. Plant-based but not plant-exclusive
2. Plant-based protein
3. Lots of mocktails
4. Non-dairy Milk Alternatives
5. Nootropics
6. Flour Out, Veggies In
7. CBD (cannabidiol)

I – Word Understanding
Penchant – a strong tendency (most likely to…)
Mocktails – non alcoholic cocktail
Nootropics – “smart drugs” that boost brainpower
Cannabidiol – a chemical derived from cannabis (marijuana) plant; mostly used for medicinal purposes

II – Have Your Say
Let’s get to know these upcoming 2020 food trends.
1. Plant-Based But Not Plant-Exclusive – Food trend experts are predicting that there will be plant-based options for both omnivores and flexitarians, allowing meat and animal products in moderation. What do you think about going vegetarian? How much meat do you include in your diet?
2. Plant-Based Protein – experts believe 2020 will bring more plant-based options than ever before, seeing there’s a global shift in trying to eat healthier. What are your concerns on meat consumption? Is it health issues? Ethical issues? Or Environmental issues?
3. Lots Of Mocktails – consumer market is expected to bring more alcohol-free spirits, wines and beers. A few non-alcoholic bars are also popping here and there. Do you think mocktails will be popular in your country soon?
4. Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives – Since 2019 was the year of the oat milk, experts foresee more non-dairy milk alternatives to hit shelves this 2020. How do you feel about dairy products? Are plant based alternatives already popular in your country?
5. Nootropics – are compounds that can help improve our brain function and comes in either supplement or drug form. Could nootropics be the answer to the problem of cognitive decline especially in ageing countries like Japan?
6. Flour Out, Veggies In – more food companies will be baking with nutrient-dense flour rather than regular flour (this year, cauliflower was the most ordered) Cauliflower rice anyone?
7. CBD – (cannabidiol) Since last year saw CBD and hemp grab a steady foothold in the worldwide market. This 2020, expect these two to become even more popular all across the country. Do you think Japan should allow cannabis for medicinal use?

708 Food Trends That Are Coming In 2020

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