731 13 Tiny Changes That Will Make Your Home Instantly Happier

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When your space is piled with clutter or doesn’t reflect your personality, it can be hard to feel truly at home. Here are some science-backed ways to improve your state of mind—by improving the state of your house.:

1. Keep clutter minimal
2. Display meaningful objects
3. Show your personality
4. Create a calming space
5. Bring nature inside
6. Make your space more social
7. Use light well
8. Keep it clean
9. Make the bedroom a retreat
10. Find storage solutions that work
11. Choose mood boosting colors
12. Use the power of scent
13. Fill your home with good memories

I – Word Understanding
Clutter – many items lying around, not arranged properly / neatly
Retreat – a place of privacy and safety

II – Have Your Say
1. What items usually clutter around your house? How do you manage these clutter?
2. According to Marie Kondo, it is ok to keep things as long as they “spark joy”. What are some of the things you have around that spark joy? How does it make you happy?
3. According to studies, extroverts love a sensorially rich environment while introverts should have a more relaxing set up. What kind of environment do you prefer?
4. Is there a place in your home that makes you feel well rested and recharged? What kind of set up would make you feel so?
5. Bringing in plants and/or flowers is the easiest way to bring nature inside our homes. Do you have any other idea how to bring nature inside?
6. Do you like entertaining friends and family at home? How do you make your space suitable for entertaining?
7. Warm light is better for relaxing while cool light is good for a working space. Candles also bring warmth although natural light is the best. What do you prefer?
8. Any cleaning tips? As they say, a clean home can have physical as well as mental benefits.
9. What makes your bedroom special from the other rooms of your home? How do you keep it in a way it you can consider it your retreat?
10. What is your go to storage item? Baskets, drawers, boxes, etc???
11. Which colors make you feel relaxed, energetic or happy? Would you rather change the color of your house?
12. Studies have shown smell has psychological effects. Oils or candles evoke good feelings in your home. Which scents make you feel good? Which ones do bother you?
13.Good memories keep you connected with wonderful things in life. How do you keep these memories around you?

731 13 Tiny Changes That Will Make Your Home Instantly Happier

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