750 Are human beings naturally lazy?

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The current pandemic is forcing much of the world’s population to stay at home and take it easy. But we may not be wired that way.

We’re used to health warnings that urge us to do things that we don’t really have a great urge to do: to exercise more, to eat five or eight or even 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. But for once the official advice (to stay home) sounds easy; loaf on the sofa, binge-watch box sets, stay at home. This all sounds as though it should appeal to our lazier sides.

In fact, it is not as simple as that, as you’ve probably already found out, after a few weeks of lockdown. It turns out we are not biologically programmed to do as little as possible. Indeed, we thrive on activity. Or at least, a good balance between being busy and being able to rest.

I – Word Understanding
Wired – to be programmed or destined to do or behave in a certain way
Loaf on the sofa – to spend time doing nothing
Thrive – to do well

II- Have Your Say
1, Do you ever dream of doing absolutely nothing? What is your ideal scenario of “doing nothing”?
2, During the “lockdown” or more appropriately, “state of emergency” in Japan, how did you spend your down time? What were the things you wished you did instead?
3, Sometimes we take the easy route and do as little as we can get away with, but at other times we value situations more if we have to expend considerable effort. What things do you prefer to do with less effort and which ones do you find satisfying when done with full effort?

750 Are human beings naturally lazy?

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