046 Celebs Freeze Eggs While Careers are Hot

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Sofia Vergara is planning ahead. The engaged actress, who hopes to expand her family with fiance Nick Loeb, recently revealed that she froze her eggs.

“I’m 40-years-old now,” Vergara told Dr. Oz. “Things don’t happen naturally anymore so I’ve been very concerned about fertility and I wanted to take advantage of science.”

Vergara isn’t the only one. Celebs like Kim Kardashian, Janet Jackson and Jennifer Aniston have also reportedly considered putting their eggs on ice.

I – Word Understanding
Expand one’s family – to have children
Fertility – the ability to have children

II – Have your say
1.Egg freezing was initially used to give cancer patients an opportunity to preserve their healthy eggs to undergoing chemotherapy or radiation
2.For ambitious women, career and family tend to collide when they’re in their 30s
3.Surrogate motherhood is among the latest in a long list of roles being outsourced to India, where rent-a-womb services are far cheaper than in the West.

046 Celebs Freeze Eggs While Careers are Hot

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