080 Retirement ‘harmful to health’, study says

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Retirement has a detrimental impact on mental and physical health, a new study has found.

The study, published by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), a think tank, found that retirement results in a “drastic decline in health” in the medium and long term. The IEA said the study suggests people should work for longer for health as well as economic reasons. The government already plans to raise the state pension age.

The study, which was published in conjunction with the Age Endeavour Fellowship, a charity, compared retired people with those who had continued working past retirement age, and took into account possible confounding factors. Philip Booth, programme director at the IEA, said the government should go further to deregulate labour markets and allow people to work for longer.

I – Word Understanding
Detrimental impact – harmful or damaging effect
Drastic – sever or serious
Confounding – surprising
Deregulate – to remove regulations or restrictions

II – Have your say
1.Planning can help create a happy retirement.
Some issues to be considered are:
● Financial issues
● Emotional issues
● Partner issues
2.Ecuador Voted The Best Place In The World To Live In Retirement

080 Retirement ‘harmful to health’, study says

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