095 Tomatoes – Tokyo’s latest fashion trend?

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The coming of spring brings a coming change in fashion, which in turn prompts many to consider a slight change to their hairstyles. Lopping off a considerable length to go from “long” to “short”, adding a few streaks or coloring for accent, or perhaps getting a perm or wave will allow most people to achieve the look they’re after. One young Tokyo trendsetter, however, decided an extreme makeover was needed to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather and the start of the school year (April to March in Japan).

As the picture shows, she didn’t go with a garden variety cut, she went for the garden itself, turning her lovely locks into a … tomato.

I – Word Understanding
Lopping off – cutting off
Trendsetter – one who starts (initiates) a style
Lovely locks – lovely hair

II – Have your say
1.Tomatoes are often considered a vegetable, though in actuality they are a citrus fruit. Tomatoes are known to have some health benefits…….but hairstyle?????
2.Japan loves hair salons and fancy hair. For centuries, the country has been obsessed with various coiffures.
3.In a survey by Clairol, they found perceptions of people different based on their hair color:
● Blondes – fun and flirty
● Brunettes – smart and serious
● Redheads – strong
4.The two most common hair problems are gray hair and hair loss, both of which are thought to be related with aging.

095 Tomatoes – Tokyo’s latest fashion trend?

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