137 Indonesian province bans female secretaries

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The governor of an Indonesian province on Saturday said he had ordered his top staff to replace their female secretaries with men following a string of extra-marital affairs.

“I received inputs that many government office heads here are involved in extra-marital affairs with their female secretaries,” Rusli Habibie, the governor of Gorontalo province on northern Sulawesi island told AFP.

“They treat them much better than their own wives. They bring them presents from official trips like perfumes or branded bags while their poor wives get nothing,” he said.

“For these reasons, I ordered them to replace their female secretaries with male assistants or with old women who are no longer attractive,” he added.

I – Word Understanding
Replace – provide or find a substitute.
Extra-Marital Affair – pertains to improper physical relationship with someone other than one’s spouse.

II – Have your say
1. He said,”this is a moral sanction. I’m pretty sure they will follow my order, and all of them will get a male secretary soon.”
2. It’s difficult to ask men why do they cheat, there are probably more scientifically worthless ‘facts’
on extramarital relations, is it a facet of human behavior?
3. 15 years ago, people of United States of America was astounded by Ex-president Bill Clinton improper physical relationship with Monica Lewinsky, a 24-year-old White House intern. From More than 80% of Americans say that extramarital sexual relations are always wrong.

137 Indonesian province bans female secretaries

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