208 French police introduce drive-through police stations for people to report crime

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Police Drive in France

For the residents of a small French town close to the Mediterranean reporting a crime will soon be as easy as picking up a takeaway… as long as it is not car theft.

The town of Le Cannet, close to Cannes in the Alpes-Maritimes is set to become the first to benefit from a ‘drive-through‘ police station – as long as their car engines are switchedoff.

Inspired by the drive-through takeaways and supermarkets, already a familiar sight in France,
the new service will allow the victims of crime to report an incident without leaving the comfort of their own car.

A police officer, manning the booth, will be on hand to deal with various administrative duties.
The booth will come complete with an intercom to allow people to alert an officer at night.

But Alain Cherqui, Deputy Director General in charge of security and crime prevention in Le
Cannet realized the concept would work just as well for able-bodied residents.

He told the drive-through is ‘primarily intended for people with disabilities’, but will be available to everyone.

I Word Understanding
Drive-through – is one where you are served through a window without leaving your car.
Switched off – turn off
Able ? bodied residents – fit, strong, and healthy

II Have your say
1. New Crime Reporting system in various countries Call Crime watch hotline Cybercrime reporting
Go to an automated booth machine, press a button and a ticket with a crime number pops out of the machine
Centralized household emergency intercom alarm system
How do you report a crime in your country?
2. Does your country have a special crime report system for disable-bodied residents?
3. Top 3 list dangerous countries in the world.
Key reason: Strong activities of terrorism
Key reason: strong civil war
Key reason: High rate of crimes of kidnapping and murders

208 French police introduce drive-through police stations for people to report crime

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