306 Clean Cookstoves Get a Global Boost

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Indoor air pollution, a health problem that’s bigger than HIV, tuberculosis or malaria, is getting a $413 million boost.

The pollution comes mainly from smoky cook fires and kills an estimated 4 million people each year, mostly women and children.

It’s also a major environmental problem. Collecting wood for cooking fires is a leading cause of deforestation. And the gases and soot produced from inefficient burning pollute the air and contribute to climate change.

And the number of people on the planet cooking this way is growing.

I – Word Understanding
deforestation = cutting down or burning trees
soot = black powder formed when something is burned

II – Have Your Say
1. The WHO reports nearly 3 billion people have no access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking, heating and lighting. Burning unprocessed coal for cooking and using kerosene for heating and lighting are most common in developing countries.
2. Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas. It can enter a home from the soil under the house.Do you know some hidden sources of indoor pollution in you house?
*Chlorine in your shower
*Personal care and laundry products
*Glues and binders used in furnitures
*Polyresin in plastics (e.g. ornaments, containers)
*Cozy carpeting
*Ink cartridges
*Candles (beeswax candles are good)
*House cleaners

306 Clean Cookstoves Get a Global Boost

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