307 One Sneaky Way to Boost Your Mood

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A person’s walk is a good indicator of how he or she is feeling—a slumped, sluggish gait might indicate sadness or distress, while someone with a bounce in her step is clearly in high spirits. Now a small new study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry suggests that the reverse may work, as well. Changing your walk could just change your mood along with it.

While we’ve known that walking as a form of exercise can be a mood booster and stress reliever, this suggests that even walking to lunch can have an impact on your mind. A depressed walking style (with less arm movement and shoulders rolled forward) might lead to a depressed mood, instead of simply being an indicator. So give it a try: Pull your shoulders back and stand up straight on your next stroll.

I – Word Understanding
gait = manner of walking
high spirits – being lively and cheerful

II – Have Your Say
According to a happiness researcher, life circumstances account for only 10% of happiness. Half depends on our genetic “set point,” and about 40% of our happiness is influenced by what we do deliberately to make ourselves happy. These are some proven tips to lift your mood and make you smile:
1. Flip through old photos
2. Munch on nuts or some omega-3 rich food
3. Inhale a calming scent (e.g. orange / lavender)
4. Open your shades to get some sunlight
5. Clear away clutter
6. Spend for experiences, not retail therapy
7. Put on a happy face
8. Solitude can create joy
9. Chat up a happy neighbor
10. Chop veggies and cook

307 One Sneaky Way to Boost Your Mood

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