348 North Korean hackers ‘could kill’, warns key defector

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North Korean hackers are capable of attacks that could destroy critical infrastructure and even kill people, a high-profile defector has warned.

Speaking exclusively to BBC Click, Prof Kim Heung-Kwang said the country had around 6,000 trained military hackers.

The warning follows last year’s Sony Pictures hack – an attack attributed to North Korea.

Korean technology expert Martyn Williams stressed the threat was only “theoretical“.
Prof Kim has called for international organisations to step in to prevent North Korea launching more severe attacks.

I – Word Understanding

defector – a person who leaves a country (NK) and go to an enemy or rival country
theoretical – in theory only, not proven to be real

II – Have Your Say
1. According to a defense outlook report by the consultancy Deloitte, wealthy nations face a high and fast-growing threat of cyberattacks. Countries identified as having the greatest risks included South Korea, the United States and Britain.
2. How dangerous is a cyber attack? Let’s look at some possible targets:
– nuclear plants / power grids
– military’s computer system / fighter planes
– transportation / traffic systems
– communication / internet lines

348 North Korean hackers ‘could kill’, warns key defector

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