444 4 reasons all your best employees are leaving

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It’s time to face facts: As business leaders, we’re failing our employees. A 2015 LinkedIn survey revealed that the No. 1 reason employees leave their company is because of a lack of career advancement opportunities.

Fifty-nine percent of job-switchers did so because the new workplace had a stronger career path. Continuing to ignore employees’ aspirations affects recruitment, retention, engagement and the overall success of the organization.

And unless employers find ways to help their workforce visualize a clear path within the company, great talent will keep leaving.

I – Word Understanding
Aspirations – a hope or ambition

II – Have Your Say
1. Here are four ways you’re holding your employees back and how to do better:
* Company and individual goals aren’t aligned.
* The focus isn’t on building strengths.
* Employees have to put education on the back burner.
* The promotion system is broken.
2. What do you do to make your employees satisfy?
3. How do you keep your best employee?

444 4 reasons all your best employees are leaving

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