452 Sweden is third most ‘digital’ nation in the EU

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Sweden was dubbed third best in the EU for ‘digital performance’ on Thursday, but was warned it could soon see itself outrun by its European competitors.

Researchers measured connectivity (how accessible and affordable broadband is), internet skills, how frequently Europeans use the internet for key activities such as online shopping and accessing news and how well developed digital technologies and digital public services were in each member state.

Sweden was especially praised for making fixed broadband available to 99 percent of homes, even in rural parts of the country – “a remarkable outcome given Sweden’s geographical configuration”, said the report.

But despite the Nordic country’s reputation as a tech-savvy location that is popular with international startups, the report warned that it could soon find itself outperformed by its European neighbours who are all improving faster than Sweden.

I Word Understanding
Outrun– go beyond
Remarkable– extraordinary
Tech-savvy– well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology, especially computers.
Startups– the action or process of setting something in motion

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452 Sweden is third most ‘digital’ nation in the EU

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