451 These daily habits will make you look and feel more confident

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Wondering how to build your self-confidence?

Week in, week out we have guys arrive here in Los Angeles for residential boot camps.

And while we teach a lot of hard skills, we also emphasize one rather softer skill: practical confidence, the engine that drives everything we teach at The Art of Charm.

One fascinating thing I’ve come to know about confidence is that it’s mostly a set of learned skills and beliefs.

I – Word Understanding
Emphasize– more clearly defined

II – Have Your Say
1. What Science Says About Confidence?

They’ve done a ton of research on confidence. Here are some things we learned
• Single-gender education increases confidence; 75% of students feel they learn better this way. This is probably why guys in our boot camps have such transformational experiences and easy time assimilating what we teach.
• Confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, children who think of themselves as the smartest in the room get the best grades.
• Spending three minutes checking your Facebook can boost your confidence … unless people are ignoring you.

2. How to Build Your Self-Confidence with Your Morning Routine
1. Sleep well.
2. Exercise.
3. Eat (or don’t).
4. Wash and Groom.
5. Meditate.
6. Read.
7. Set goals for the day.
8. Craft affirmations as needed.
9. Stand up straight.
10. Smile.
11. Clean up.
12. Get into your pajamas.
13. Recap your day.
14. Read.
15. Repeat.

451 These daily habits will make you look and feel more confident

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