459 characteristics of people with high emotional intelligence

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Why do certain people achieve more success than others?

What is it about how certain people behave and interact, how they are “wired,” that drives them to greater success than their peers?

More often than not, it is their emotional intelligence (EQ), their “ability to identify and manage the emotions of themselves and others.”

I – Word Understanding
Peers – One that is of equal standing with another
Interact – Act in such a way as to have an effect on another

II – Have Your Say
• There are critical ways that high achievers with strong emotional intelligence handle their lives, which you can learn from.
1. Embrace work-life balance
2. Empower your partner
3. Focus
4. Be creative
5. Listen First
6. Embrace dynamism and positive volatility
7. Don’t be a perfectionist
8. Don’t accept the first answer
9. Move past mistakes
10.Channel anger
• How about you what characteristic do you have to make your life more successful?
• Do you have that kind of characteristic?

459 characteristics of people with high emotional intelligence

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