460 Sneaky Signs You Need Reading Glasses

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The most obvious symptom is blurry vision, but there are other surprising clues you might be overlooking.

The muscles in your eyes work hardest when you focus on close-up or detailed work, like when you’re reading or working on the computer. If you need glasses, those muscles work even harder to help you see clearly. Because that isn’t a natural position for the eyes, they can get tired, which makes you feel sleepy. If reading glasses alone don’t help, try blinking more often or pushing your computer farther away from you. This will keep your eyes more relaxed.

I – Word Understanding

Sneaky – secret (behaves in a secret manner)
Symptom – a sign (of something bad)
overlooking – not paying attention

II – Have Your Say
A. Do you have some vision problems? Please share and describe.
B. Here are some clues that tell you it’s time to get some reading glasses:
1. You feel sleepy when using the computer
2. You need brighter light to read
3. You get an arm workout while reading
4. You keep getting headaches
5. You never touch kale (or other leafy green veggies)
6. You see halos
7. You’re older than 40

460 Sneaky Signs You Need Reading Glasses

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