491 Head of Central Russian University Urges Students to Avoid Foreigners

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Alexei Chumachenko, the head of Saratov State University in central Russia, has asked his employees and students to limit all contacts with foreign citizens.
In a letter addressed to university departments, Chumachenko mainly focused on World Youth Day, which is to be held in the Polish city of Krakow in late June.
According to Chumachenko, the event was organized by the Roman Catholic Church and it “could be used to spread pro-Western values and anti-Russian assessments among the youth.”

The letter was reportedly written on behalf of Denis Fadeev, the Saratov region’s deputy governor, and includes quotes from a speech made by President Vladimir Putin in February, in which he said that “outside attempts to interfere in inter-political processes” is a threat to Russia’s national security, Meduza reported.
Chumachenko’s letter said that to achieve such goals, different technologies and communication channels could be used, and this could happen in the Saratov region as well.

I Word Understanding
Spread – Scatter
Interfere – Constrain
Inter-political– lay government or the public affairs of a country
National Security – the protection or the safety of a country’s secrets and its citizens

II Have your say

1.Why native people avoid foreign interventions?
.Taking advantage of cultural and tradition purity
.Foreigner behavior influence
.Domestic Job market competition
. Increase of national unemployment rate

2.Interesting traits of Russians
. Russians never shake hands over a door way, they believe it leads to arguments.
.Russian language does not speak a word for ‘the’ or ‘a’ which is good because these often lead to confusion in other languages.
.Russians are wide readers
.The intelligency level is of Russian people is considered up to 99%.
.In Russia men never give an even amount of flowers to a lady it is a bad luck and is associated with funerals
.Russians don’t put eyes on smileys when typing.
491 Head of Central Russian University Urges Students to Avoid Foreigners

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