492 Exercises That Could Do More Harm Than Good

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Hitting the gym and getting a sweat on is a good thing. Burning calories, building muscle and improving your cardiovascular is, by general consensus, good for you. But as with everything, it’s easy to get into bad habits, especially if you’re working out on your own without the help of a personal trainer.

I – Word Understanding
Cardiovascular– relating to the heart and blood vessels.

II – Have Your Say
II. Find which exercises you’re probably doing wrong, and what damage that might be doing to your body.

1. The Deadlift “This is a very effective strength exercise when performed with good technique,” “But executing the deadlift with poor technique can lead to lower back problems and injuries. The common error when deadlifting is trying to lift too much, which compromises your form and allows your lower back to round. This causes your spinal discs to become compressed and in some cases can result in a herniated disc.”
2. Crunches “Sit ups or ‘crunches’ are a terrible exercise,” he says. “Those who do it tend to always pull on their necks and don’t know how to engage the stomach correctly in the first place.
3. Hip Thrusts “Hip thrusts are a great exercise for shaping your bum,” But some people push through the toes rather than the heels, which takes the focus off the glutes. Your hamstings should be nice and relaxed, and you push up through your heels; pushing through your ties puts a lot of strain on your knees and lead to knee injuries, which are very common.”
4. Weighted Abdominal Side Bends “These just aren’t a great exercise. There are many alternative ab exercises that are infinitely better,” This exercise puts your back into a vulnerable position and, Jonny says, has very little benefit. “I see people doing kettle bell swings wrong too – which is potentially very damaging for the lower back,”
5. Lunges “If you’ve ever experience knee pain doing lunges, there’s a good chance that’s what you’re doing wrong. The key is to step forward then think of the exercise as an up-down movement. The shoulders should stay pointing upwards. Aim to keep the front knee aligned over the ankle. It can come forward a little, but it definitely shouldn’t push out over the toes and make sure the knee is pointing in the same direction as the toes, not tilting inwards or outwards.”

B. Sharing knowledge
1.What kind of exercise do you do to keep your body fit?
2. Do you do those kinds of exercise?

492 Exercises That Could Do More Harm Than Good

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