179 Kyushu Railway unveils super-luxury train

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A Japanese railway operator on Friday unveiled a new super-luxury train it hopes
will appeal to well-heeled travellers who don’t mind splashing out to have their
every traveling need fulfilled.

Kyushu Railway’s “Nanatsuboshi”?Seven Stars?service has a lounge car with a
piano and a bar, top-end dining and 14 private suites.

Each wood-panelled bedroom has plush beds and a desk along with an ensuite
with a shower and toilet, equipped?of course?with a heated seat.

The train travels around Kyushu, with a four-day, three-night package costing up
to 1.13 million yen per couple.

I ? Word Understanding
Well-heeled travellers ? rich / having lots of money
Splashing out ? spending lots of money freely
Ensuite bathroom ? a bathroom directly connected to a bedroom

II ? Have Your Say
1. Luxury over cost
Nowadays there is an increase in the trend of luxury train travel around
the world. Luxury train travel has several advantages over travel on
2. Luxury goods: Why do people buy them?
Luxury goods are expensive things that provide pleasure and comfort
but not necessary.

179 Kyushu Railway unveils super-luxury train

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