181 Philippines Bicycle Company Says Its Products Protect Environment

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Can bicycles help the Philippines reduce poverty and protect the environment at
the same time? A social entrepreneur who owns a company called Bambikes says
his line of high-end bicycles made of locally grown bamboo can do just that.

Bryan Benitez McClelland is passionate about bicycles. Like many others who
head out onto the streets
of Makati City, the 29-year old Filipino-American rides a bike. But his is made of

“So bamboo is a pretty incredible material. In the plant kingdom it grows really
rapidly and absorbs tons of carbon dioxide. From that perspective, it’s a very
renewable resource. And then in the performance level, its got the characteristics
of naturally vibration dampening pole structures, which really absorb the road
chatter and road buzz and makes for a super smooth ride,” he said.

I ? Word Understanding
high-end ? high quality and expensive
head out onto the streets ? travel or communte in the streets
vibration dampening ? to lessen the vibration

II ? Have Your Say
1. Aside from being an excellent form of exercise, bicycling is also a
great space saver!
Twenty bicycles can be parked in the same space taken up by one car.
2. Riding while carrying an umbrella, listening to an iPod, or talking
on the phone are prohibited; violators can face a fine of up to
500,000…….but is mostly and largely ignored.

181 Philippines Bicycle Company Says Its Products Protect Environment

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