597 6 Bad Habits That Give You Back Pain: Changes To Make For Pain Relief

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Almost everyone you know, whether it’s your grandparents, best friend, or boss, has complained of back pain. It’s one of the most common forms of pain; about 80 percent of Americans have or will get it at least once in their lives. The aches, spasms, and sensations you feel on your back can be triggered by the most common daily habits, from doing household chores to smoking.

With age, the joints become stiffer and less flexible. Fluid in the joints may decrease; cartilage may start to rub together and wear away; and minerals may deposit in and around some joints, according to Medline Plus. This is why people over 60 are more prone to degeneration of the joints in the spine.

I – Word Understanding
Cartilage – the tissue that covers and protects the end of long bones and joints
Degeneration – decline or loss of function

II – Have Your Say
The rest of the population could suffer pain from certain things like lifting heavy objects, but below are six unexpected causes of back pain you should keep in mind:
1. Soft Mattress – Sleeping on a soft mattress can lead the weight on your back to be uneven, and trigger the onset of debilitating back pain.
2. Talking on the phone – Calling, texting, and emailing on your smartphone can create pressure on your neck, and travel all the way down your back.
3. Doing Household Chores – A 2006 study in Spine found doing heavy household chores like laundry, mopping, washing dishes, or even carrying shopping bags are among the most demanding chores on your back that require you to bend at the waist.
4. Wearing High Heels or Flip Flops – High heels put the foot at an angle and pull muscles and joints out of alignment, so the effects aren’t limited to the feet
5. Poor Diet – A diet that consists of processed foods and sugar could spike inflammation in the body and cause back pain.
6. Smoking – A 2001 study conducted by Johns Hopkins University found smoking decreases blood supply to the discs in the back, leading to premature aging of discs.

597 6 Bad Habits That Give You Back Pain: Changes To Make For Pain Relief

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