598 Hitachi develops technology to use bamboo as fuel

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Hitachi Ltd. said it has developed a technology to utilize bamboo as fuel for boilers and biomass power generation.

The new technology is expected to address a situation in which unused bamboo forests have been increasing due to decreased bamboo demand, a problem that has become serious mainly in the Kyushu region.

Bamboo, which contains high amounts of chlorine and potassium, can damage combustion equipment or the environment when burned as it is.

The new technology can be applied to other untapped materials, including bamboo grass, weeds and cedar bark. Hitachi will consider using such materials in future projects.

I – Word Understanding
Biomass – fuel that is developed from organic materials used to create electricity or
other forms of power.
Combustion – the process of burning something

II – Have Your Say
1. Bamboo has been used for eons for many applications, from a food source to a building material. What are some uses of bamboo in your country?
a. Food
b. Decor
c. Building materials
d. Fabrics / clothing
e. Weapons
f. instruments
2. Why is the demand if bamboo decreasing in Japan? What are some changes that affect demand for bamboo?

598 Hitachi develops technology to use bamboo as fuel

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