646 6 Sneaky Stress Triggers and What to Do About Them

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Sneaky tension triggers might be pushing you to the breaking point—without your even realizing it.

Layoffs at work: stressful. An illness in the family: brutal. You know the big stuff that can weigh on you. But there are a host of subtler stressors that can wear you down little by little. “Research shows it’s the daily hassles that actually contribute more to the negative impact of stress,” says psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, author of Better Than Perfect. “They can have a cumulative effect over the long haul.”

I – Word Understanding
Wear you down – to cause someone to be exhausted
Cumulative effect – increasing in severity (with repetition)
Long haul – a long period of time

II – Have Your Say
Learn about six surprising everyday triggers and how to manage them better—so you can enter the New Year feeling a whole lot calmer:
1. You’re an introvert trying to act like an extrovert: BE YOURSELF
2. You’re in charge of all the checklists: DELEGATE
3. You’re idea of relaxing is scrolling facebook: UNPLUG
4. You’re juggling multiple dating apps: TAKE A BREAK
5. You’re suffering BoPo (Body Positivity) guilt: REALITY CHECK
6. You read your partner’s texts: TALK IT OUT

646 6 Sneaky Stress Triggers and What to Do About Them

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