656 Creativity Is Good For Your Health, Here’s How

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Studies have started to recognize the link between art and well-being.

Over centuries, people from all walks of life have pursued creative stimulation. Be it singing, writing, dancing or painting, there lies a distinctive type of fulfillment and satisfaction while using these modes to express yourself. Scientific research has often studied the link between creativity and health benefits, with artistic activities said to enhance emotional well-being regardless of skill level.

I – Word Understanding
Walks of life – different jobs and social levels
Modes – manner / way

II – Have Your Say
Based on this research, here are five ways creative activities can boost your health. Please share your thoughts or related experience on the following:
1. Writing helps your mind cope and recover.
2. Singing boosts the immune system.
3. Dancing is a fun path towards fitness.
4. Painting, drawings and sculptures are tools to help fight anxiety.
5. Playing an instruments makes you a starter.

656 Creativity Is Good For Your Health, Here’s How

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