657 6 Reasons Why Summer Can Be Good For Your Health

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It’s never too early to celebrate the fact that summer is on the way. Whether it’s an island vacation or the long break from school or simply hosting pool parties, everyone has something to look forward to. If that wasn’t good enough, the season of the sun can be a blessing for your health too, bringing numerous benefits.

1. Get your dose of vitamin D.
2. The season of fruits
3. You’re sweating and that’s good!
4. Nature and the great outdoors
5. Rejuvenate with a vacation
6. Your heart is healthier

I – Word Understanding
Blessing – a special favor or gift that brings happiness
Rejuvenate – to look and feel younger, fresher and more lively

II – Have Your Say
1. Is sun good or bad for you? Skin cancer is still a very serious issue for people who spend too much time soaking up the sun. It is well known that the sun’s rays are a good source of vitamin D, which is essential in building strong bones and teeth.
2. What are the things you enjoy in summer? Or do you hate summer and want to escape? Where would you go?
3. The ever increasing heat can cause dangerous consequences like heat stroke, if not handled properly. Are you familiar with the symptoms of heatstroke and how to handle it?

657 6 Reasons Why Summer Can Be Good For Your Health

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