682 Strategies to Turn Even Your Worst Days Around

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Your mental health deserves it.

We’ve all had off-days — whether it was because we got bad news, experienced something frustrating, or simply woke up in a bad mood. Bad days can go one of two ways: either you continue to feel down or unbalanced throughout the rest of the day, or you do something that turns your day around. Either way, it can have a major impact on your mental health.

But a day that starts off in a negative way doesn’t have to continue like that:
we all have the ability to change our perspective.

I – Word Understanding
Off-days – bad days
Perspective – thinking / way of looking into something

II – Have Your Say
1. We’ve all had bad days: Terrible commute, unbearable boss, partner in a mood, etc. What sets you off to a crappy day?
2. How do you salvage a bad day? Here are some helpful tips:
a. Process what’s happening, then reframe it
b. Give your day a new soundtrack
c. Practice gratitude
d. Symbolically start your day over
e. Dance your cares away
f. Watch a sad (yes, sad) movie
g. Spend time in nature
h. Book + beer + bar

682 Strategies to Turn Even Your Worst Days Around

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