683 How To Achieve Personal Happiness

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Truth be told, there is no secret to happiness. And there are also no rules that are set on how to personally achieve happiness or what counts as universal happiness. This is because different things make different people happy.

Still, it didn’t stop science from taking a crack at understanding the formula, and here’s what 30 years of happiness research has come up with. Take a look.

1. Social support
2. Money
3. Health
4. Generosity
5. Freedom

I – Word Understanding
Taking a crack – to try to do something
Generosity – being big at giving

II – Have your say
1. What is your argument on the following:
a. No man is an island
b. Money can’t buy happiness
c. Health is one of the predictors of happiness
d. Generosity is a central way that humans use to connect.

2. For your, what is freedom?

3. What are the things you do or value to achieve happiness?

683 How To Achieve Personal Happiness

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