691 6 amazing benefits of garlic

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Garlic has long been a staple in the kitchen, used to add some zest to everything from pasta to potatoes. But the pungent bulb has also been a mainstay as medicine.

For centuries, cultures have used garlic to treat a variety of health conditions ranging from infections and digestion to heart disease and arthritis. Even Hippocrates, recognized as the father of modern medicine, prescribed garlic for many illnesses.

Modern studies have confirmed some of those ancient uses and come up with many more, ranging from beauty to agriculture. Here are some benefits to having garlic in your life.

Heart health (blood pressure)
Preventing and fighting colds
Immunity boost
Improved diabetes management
Hair and skin care
Repelling insects

I – Word Understanding
Staple – used regularly
Zest – flavor
Pungent – having intense flavor or smell

II – Have Your Say
1. Garlic: Love it or Hate it? How do you use garlic in your daily life?
2. What are the uses of garlic popularly known and practiced in your area?
– Cooking
– Lower high blood pressure
– Antibiotic
– Mosquito repellant
– Ward off vampires and witches

691 6 amazing benefits of garlic

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