703 What’s the Story of Thanksgiving Day in the US?

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Americans love it.

It started small. European settlers organized a feast in November of 1621 to celebrate a successful harvest. In gratitude, they invited Native Americans who taught them how to grow food.

An annual day of thanksgiving was observed in some places during early US history, but different states celebrated on different days

President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation in 1863, making it a national holiday.

Thanksgiving is now among the most celebrated of holidays. Many families use the day off to gather, overeat (turkey is the most favorite) and enjoy national broadcasts of parades and sports. Others perform volunteer service.

I – Word Understanding
European Settlers – English settlers from Plymouth southwest of England. Persecuted for their
Religious beliefs, they were exiled to the Netherlands and decided to sail to a New World
(USA). They landed in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA in December 1620.
Gratitude – being thankful and showing appreciation

II – Have Your Say
1. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the US. Before reading this article, what did you know or what was your idea about this holiday?
2. What holiday in your country would you say is similar to Thanksgiving Day in the US? How do you celebrate it?
3. On what occasions would your family gather together?

703 What’s the Story of Thanksgiving Day in the US?

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