704 Why Cold Weather Makes Us Sick

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The public is slowly gearing up to protect themselves from the cold weather since the winter season is coming and temperatures are about to dip lower. The cold weather makes people more susceptible to acquiring the many cold viruses because much time is spent insulated indoors in close contact with those who could be potentially sick.

Also, human blood vessels in the chest tend to conserve body heat when taking in cold air. When this happens, white blood cells take longer to travel to the mucous membranes, causing a barrier and delay for the body to kill germs.

In certain scenarios, the dry air in winter could further dry up and harden the mucous membranes, thus worsening the cold manifold. In other cases, the cold weather can reduce immunity, inhibiting the body from handling the infection effectively due to a variety of reasons.

I – Word Understanding
Insulated – separated or kept away (from the cold outside)
Mucous membranes – mucous membranes line and protect the inside of your body. You can find mucous membranes inside of your nose, mouth, lungs, and many other parts of the body. Mucous membranes make mucus, which keeps them moist.
Inhibiting – delaying or slowing down

II – Have Your Say
1. How do you prepare yourself for winter? What are the changes you need to do and how do you deal with the following winter issues:
a. Dry air
b. Low temperature
c. Snow
d. Cold virus, flu, etc
Vitamin D deficiency (lack of sunlight)
2. Aside from cold and flu viruses, here are other health conditions that might be triggered by winter’s low temperature:
a. Bone health
b. Heart problems
c. Frostbite
d. Hypothermia

704 Why Cold Weather Makes Us Sick

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