729 The Bright Side Of Covid-19: Seven Opportunities Of The Current Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has a lot of dark sides. Around the world, people get ill and die, schools close, the healthcare system is overloaded, employees lose their jobs, companies face bankruptcy, stock markets collapse and countries have to spend billions on bailouts and medical aid. And for everyone, whether directly hurt or not, Covid-19 is a huge stressor shaking up our psyche, triggering our fears and uncertainties.

No matter how serious and sad all of this is, there are upsides as well. Therefore, along the Monty Python song “Always look on the bright side of life” let’s not forget those and make the best of what the crisis gives us. As the good old SWOT analysis tells us, there are not only threats, but also opportunities.

With opportunities I mean general opportunities that are available for most people affected by the crisis. The current crisis offers at least seven of them:

1. More time
2. Reflect and reconsider
3. Speed and innovation
4. Better meetings
5. Reconnect and help
6. Cleaner environment
7. Modesty and acceptance

I – Word Understanding
Psyche – the mind or deepest thoughts, feelings or beliefs of a person
SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Modesty – the quality of being not too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities

II Have Your Say
1. Which of your usual routines and activities are being interrupted by this pandemic? Do you think you could go back to normal once this is over? Or will this lead to some changes?
2. Now that we cannot go out for a drink, party or other activities, how do you spend your extra time?
3. As a way to avoid public commute and further exposure, telework has been practiced and governments are asking companies to do so as much as possible. Is your company telework ready? If not, why and what are the alternatives?
4. Online / virtual meetings are popular these days, online classes are considered and social media is more useful as ever. How do you stay connected with friends and loved ones? Have you ever tried drinking party using skype or zoom?
5. Dramatic decrease in industrial and traffic activities has been observed to have made a lot of improvements in our environment. What can we learn from this and how can we make changes after this pandemic is over?

729 The Bright Side Of Covid-19: Seven Opportunities Of The Current Pandemic

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