739 These companies plan to make working from home the new normal. As in forever.

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced many companies to embrace work-from-home solutions. For some, the transition may stick.

Several big businesses plan to let much of their staff work from home permanently, even after the pandemic. Working from home could become the new normal — at least for some…

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg said as many as 50% of Facebook employees could be working remotely within the next five to 10 years. Zuckerberg pitched the idea as both a matter of satisfying employee desires and also as an effort to create “more broad-based economic prosperity.”

Twitter will allow some of its workforce to continue working from home “forever,” if they choose.

Square wants employees to be able to work where they want in an environment that suits them.

Shopify announced that the world of work has been turned on its head. “Office centricity is over,” he tweeted. “As of today, Shopify is a digital by default company. Groupe PSA.

French automaker PSA announced a “new era of agility,” in which its non-production staff will work remotely from now on.

Box CEO Aaron Levie wrote in a blog post that the cloud-storage company’s nearly 2,000 employees are free to work “from anywhere” until the end of 2020. “At the same time, we know the power of having office hubs where in-person communities, mentorship, networking, and creativity can happen…That is why our future is a hybrid one.”

I – Word Understanding
Pitched – announced
Office centricity – office based
Agility – ease in movement

II – Have Your Say
1. Are you in favor of working from home forever? Let’s look at how work from home affect the following factors:
a. Hire people from different locations
b. Work-life balance
c. Suitable environment
d. Commute
e. Real estate footprint
f. Creativity
g. Community and mentorship
2. After this pandemic, what would the future office look like? Some possible scenarios could be:
a. Flexiglass
b. Masks
c. Signs
d. Cubicles / dividers
e. Distance

739 These companies plan to make working from home the new normal. As in forever.

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