740 Why You Should Drink Milk Before Hitting The Sack

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Drinking milk before bedtime has become a habit in many households. For most, they do this because they believe that milk can improve their sleep quality. Others do it to relieve anxiety and relax before falling asleep. However, there are many naysayers who claim that this practice is nothing more than folklore. So what’s the truth?

According to Healthline, milk really does help people fall asleep faster. Several studies have already proven that consuming dairy products like milk and cheese before bed leads to a more restful night’s sleep. Experts say that this is all thanks to certain compounds present in these dairy products.

Milk contains the hormone melatonin and the amino acid tryptophan. Both of which positively affect our mood, making it easier for us to enter the sleep cycle. Some studies also found that they reduce anxiety and depression symptoms that typically emerge at bedtime.

I – Word Understanding
Hitting the sack – going to bed
Naysayer – critic / a person who disagrees
Folklore – traditional beliefs
Melatonin – hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycle
Tryptophan – important for the production of serotonin (happy chemical)

II – Have Your Say
1. According to some experts, warm bath + warm milk = good night sleep. What is your routine to relax at night and have a good night sleep?
2. These days, trends and various studies state conflicting facts about milk and other dairy products. What is your take on this, is dairy healthy or a health risk? What dairy products do you take and which ones do you avoid?
3. As mentioned, some studies suggest that anxiety and depression typically emerge at bedtime. What factors give you anxiety before bedtime and how do you combat it?

740 Why You Should Drink Milk Before Hitting The Sack

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