741 Meet Hamako Mori, The World’s Oldest Gaming YouTuber

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A Japanese woman has recently managed to build an online cult following her video game skills on her YouTube channel. What’s so fascinating about this? She’s the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber at 90 years old.

Most grandmas, especially those that are pass their golden years and are approaching 80-90 years old usually spend their time relaxing and generally just enjoying the simplicity of life. Some cook for their grandchildren, some knit while some are perfectly content sitting in rocking chairs and watching their favorite TV shows.

Not Hamako Mori, however, because the 90-year-old grandma has managed to create a cult following her by being the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber. Yes, you read that right.

Known as “gamer grandma” (naturally), Mori has managed to amass some 250,000 YouTube subscribers since she started her channel back in 2015. Since then, she has managed to post up to four videos on a monthly basis. However, she’s been gaming for way longer because she started playing them some 39 years ago.

I – Word Understanding
Cult – a great devotion / loyal
Amass – to assemble or gather

II – Have Your Say
1. Brain exercise is as important as physical exercise for aging adults and seniors. Some studies suggest that some video games can provide brain stimulation. What do you think about video games? What video games do you play?
2. Traditionally, how do elderly people in your country spend their time? In contrast to that, what do elderly people do these days?
3. In the near / far future, when it is your time to retire, what things would you want to do to keep your physical and mental health in good condition?

741 Meet Hamako Mori, The World’s Oldest Gaming YouTuber

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