753 Cooking Therapy Benefits That Will Surprise You

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As most people are stuck at home making their own meals, they could be unconsciously experiencing the therapeutic effects of cooking. The activity provides relief from stress, anxiety and depression, among other mental health conditions on the rise during the pandemic.

It is also recommended by therapists as a legitimate relaxing pursuit to cope with mental distress, according to Draxe.com. Sometimes, cooking is even incorporated into treatment programs, with individuals encouraged to practice cooking on their own to focus on something positive.

Cooking helps people develop a new hobby that is both stimulating and fun, while expanding their skillset at the same time. Following different recipes and experimenting with different cuisines could make the day more interesting than usual, livening up routine life.

Here are few health benefits provided by cooking therapy:
1, Nourishes the mind.
2, Helps people bond
3, MIndfulness
4, Physical activity

I – Word Understanding
Therapeutic – having beneficial effects on the body and mind
Legitimate – accepted / real

II – Have Your Say

1, How do you feel about cooking?
2, When was the last time you cooked? Please describe what you cooked, who you cooked for and how was the result?
3, What are the challenges you’ve encountered in cooking?
4, If given a chance, what kind of cooking skills / specialty would you like to learn?
5, Are cooking shows popular in your country? Where do you learn cooking?

753 Cooking Therapy Benefits That Will Surprise You

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