766 Drive-ins: A new way to watch live performances

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Drive-ins as a solution to health crises is not without precedent. Before a polio vaccine became available in 1955, drive-in movie theatres in the US would sell themselves as “a great place to be flu and polio protected”. During the Sars outbreak of 2003, China saw an increase in car sales as people avoided public transport – which was mirrored by a growth in drive-in cinemas, a new concept in the country. Now, drive-ins are providing a global solution to an entertainment industry in crisis.

The UK, which only had three drive-in cinemas before the pandemic began, and none of them permanent, now has 40 sites offering a drive-in movie experience, including a cliff top in Cornwall. More drive-in cinemas are opening in Russia and Germany, and ticket sales are booming in South Korea. In Brazil, a football stadium has transformed into a drive-in.

I – Word Understanding
Drive-in / Drive Thru – a facility where one can visit without living his car
Precedent – an action/event that happened earlier to a similar one

II – Have Your Say
1, Have you ever experienced drive-in / outdoor movie watching or other entertainment in the past?
2, Do you feel safe enough now to go to the cinema? How about band/stage performances or live concerts? What extra precautions would you do if you decide to go?
3, Inspired by drive-in theaters abroad, a Japanese horror event production came up with what it claimed as the first ever drive-thru haunted house. What do you think is the future of drive-in entertainment in Japan?
a, Haunted house
b, Cinema / theater
c, Live band / concert
d, Art Exhibit

766 Drive-ins: A new way to watch live performances

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