768 Meaningful Questions to Ask People Right Now That Go Deeper Than “How Are You?”

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The question “How are you?” has long been a go-to greeting, a way to spark a bit of small talk. But this year, as our lives have been impacted by a myriad of challenges — the coronavirus pandemic, social unrest, political stress, and more — we have an opportunity (and need) to deepen our connections with others. And asking more meaningful questions can help spark those productive, compassionate conversations.

From the Thrive community here are some shared questions to ask others right now that could strengthen connections. Which of these will you start asking others?

1, What’s something you’re excited about?
2, What’s been keeping you busy?
3, What have you learned about yourself lately?
4, How are your spirits today?
5, What are you doing to care for yourself right now?
6, How can I help support you?
7, What have you been cooking?
8, What are you grateful for right now?
9, What are you looking forward to?
10, What’s been the highlight of your day?

I – Word Understanding
Go-to – regularly / repeatedly chosen
Myriad – a great number / many

II – Have Your Say
1, What naturally comes to you mind and what naturally comes out as your answer when asked “How are you?”
2, Which of the questions above do you use to ask someone or are used to being asked?
How do you feel about those questions?
3, Which questions do you not feel comfortable asking or answering? Why?
4, If I ask you “How are your spirits today?”, what would be your answer?

768 Meaningful Questions to Ask People Right Now That Go Deeper Than “How Are You?”

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