175 Can wind towers take the heat off UAE’s air-con addiction?

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According to the World Bank, the emirate is now one of the largest consumers of energy per capita
in the world — and an estimated two-thirds of that in the summer months is burned on driving air-

Outside temperatures might reach a searing 50 degrees Celsius, (122 degrees Fahrenheit) but
inside its public buildings the temperature can be so low that people wear jackets. At some cinemas
customers can even rent blankets.

Energy consumption solely for air-conditioning is now one of the region’s looming headaches.
According to Chatham House, neighboring Saudi Arabia could actually be consuming more oil than
it exports in 15 years due largely to air conditioning.

I ? Word Understanding
Emirate ? a state ruled by an Islamic chief
Searing ? very hot
Looming ? threatening

II ? Have Your Say
1. Did you know?
? The first airconditioner wasn’t designed for comfort, it was to keep papers in
publishing house from expanding or contracting
? Movie theaters were among the first to use “refrigerated air” hence giving way
to summer blockbusters
2. Energy conservation is every person’s social responsibility.

175 Can wind towers take the heat off UAE’s air-con addiction?

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