757 Inside the multibillion dollar race for a Covid-19 vaccine

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Scientists are hoping to deliver a vaccine that protects against Covid-19, and its transmission, by early 2021. In order to do that, the development process has been rapidly accelerated.

A vaccine must go through multiple stages before being green lit for use. An initial research and development stage is followed by a series of pre-clinical and clinical trials (consisting of three phases), and typically each step can take two years or more to complete.

But in the race to stop the coronavirus, some of those steps are being combined, or skipped altogether, to speed up the process.

I – Word Understanding
Accelerated – developed at a faster rate than usual
Green lit – given permission to go ahead
Pre-clinical trial – trial conducted on animals
Clinical trial – trial conducted on human

II – Have Your Say
1, On August 11, President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of a vaccine named Sputnik V, the first in the world to be approved for public use. Many are concerned about it’s safety. Do you feel the same way?
2, Do you think vaccine is the key to end this pandemic? Is it right that we cut corners and produce vaccine faster than usual? Can we rely on technology to accelerate its production?
3, What are the other ways that you think we could fight covid-19 and lead us back to normal or at least the new normal?

757 Inside the multibillion dollar race for a Covid-19 vaccine

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